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Proof. Twitter.

Just because it sells doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

I didn’t mention anything about quality, only sales figures.

But since you brought it up, I’ll note that the first issue has received the highest marks across the board. ;)

This is fantastic. I love it. There are guys out there who are so threatened by the prospect of a female-led title doing well that when it does do well their response is “well it’s probably not any good.”

I almost just did a spit take because the first linked review is mine.

I have to point out something that I love here. This initial post stated a fact, and then some angry nerd boy who didn’t know anything about the subject, came in and started talking crap. Now he didn’t say “I didn’t care for it,” he didn’t say “I’ve heard bad thing,” no, he just flat out said “that doesn’t mean its good,” meaning he didn’t even read it or listen to what anyone had to say on it. So what we have here was an angry jerk who just flat out started talking about a comic that he hadn’t even read, only to then have him smacked right down by a lady who actually had read the subject.and had facts to back her up.

This is what I’ve observed in the comic community for years and everyone needs to know it. Most of those people who talk crap, who try to bring down your fun, who try to question your “geekery” are people who have no idea what they’re talking about. The people who try to tell you that your’e a “fake geek” are the real fakers, they’re the people who don’t read squat and just sit around judging others who do. Do not listen to them, do not think they’re smart or qualified to talk about a subject more than you are, do not give them any kind of power because end of the day someone who tries to take the positivity out of a hobby or fandom or whatever you want to call it, those are the people who shouldn’t be into it in the first place.

(And Ms Marvel was amazing too)

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night vale is full of thought provoking humour and beautifully inspirational monologues but “subway? more like wowza” will always be one of the best things it’s ever come up with

it’s right at the top of the list with “what’s an egg” and “i never knew school cleaning appliances were so strong”

"Mountains? More like nothings" 

"Nice try, giant worms.

"And I was like, whatever, rich guy!”

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